MolSyBio: Molecules and Bioactive Systems

Axis 2 brings together actors who develop new molecules and colloidal or bioactive hybrid systems and study their interactions with biological systems.

Our ambition is to create a synergy to face the therapeutic and diagnostic issues of tomorrow. The competences of the actors cover several fields at the interface of chemistry and biology: i) organic chemistry, ii) physico-chemistry of colloids and interfaces, iii) biology (infectiology and oncology).


The projects developed in this axis are based on laboratory platforms (SynBioN, ABC, spectroscopy, interfaces …) . The development of new therapeutic and diagnostic agents represents a major societal challenge and is a field of research in perpetual excitement. It seems to us crucial to develop innovative strategies to address these issues from a global perspective, where the synthesis and evaluation of the effect of potential therapeutic and diagnostic molecules on biological cells is completed by the vectorization aspect. The ultimate goal is to take advantage of all the information collected to contribute to the development of more efficient molecules and systems in the areas of vectorization, anti-infective action (bacterial and viral) and oncology.


Manager: Dr Nadia Pellegrini-Moïse (Associate Professor)


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