Région Grand-Est projects

BIOPROLOR 2 project: "BIOactifs PROduits en LORraine 2"


BioProLor is a network of innovative companies and academic laboratories in Lorraine aimed at accelerating the discovery and production of plant-based active ingredients for high value-added markets in fine chemicals (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agrochemicals).

The unique feature of BioProLor is to generate not only the discovery of new molecules for high value-added sectors of fine chemicals, but also to develop technological able to produce these biological actives in Lorraine. Thus, BioProLor exploits Lorraine's remarkable potential in the field of engineering sciences applied to the development of active substances.

Ultimately, our overall objective is to create a "Bioengineering Valley" in Lorraine, which will occupy a leading position at the international level in the economic fields mentioned above. This "Bioengineering Valley" will be completed by actors from the Big Region Saar-Lor-Lux, with whom contacts have been made already (Saarland and Rhine companies, Belgians, Luxembourg, etc.).

Funding agency: Région Grand Est Pacte Lorraine - Action 13-3 "Elaborer de nouveaux produits alimentaires et de nouvelles biomolécules d'origine végétale"

Funding received: 100 k€


Contact: abc-platform-contact@univ-lorraine.fr 

Faculté de Pharmacie

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