The Laboratory

The L2CM (Laboratoire Lorrain de Chimie Moléculaire ) is a young laboratory dedicated to molecular chemistry and its applications born in January 2018. It brings together synthetics chemists, physicochemists, specialists in nanomaterials and biologists.


It is divided over 3 sites:

- FST (Faculté des Sciences et Technologies)

and Campus Brabois Santé in Nancy

- ICPM (Institut de Chimie, Physique et Matériaux) in Metz.

The objective of the L2CM is to develop innovative methods for the synthesis of molecules and molecular materials with applications in physics (catalysis, energy, luminescence) and biology (antibacterials, drug delivery, imaging). The philosophy of the laboratory is the design of the molecule to the device or the bioactive system. The laboratory is structured in two axis of research HeMaF (Heterocycles and Functional Materials) and MolSyBio (Molecules and Bioactive Systems) each focusing on a specific field of application.

Axis HeMaF
Heterocycles and Functional Materials

Axis MolSyBio
Molecules and Bioactive Systems

The laboratory relies on a set of technological platforms allowing an activity of characterization of the objects that it creates from the physical, physicochemical and biological point of view.