HeMaF: Heterocycles and Functional Materials


The project supported by this axis goes from the reactant to the heterocyclic complex system and the nanostructured material, with methodology as the main concern.


Indeed, it is through a thorough and careful methodology that we have chosen to advance our knowledge on these different fields. The first part is centered around the heterocycle, as a unifying element, with the development of new organometallic reagents and innovative sequences to meet a major challenge represented by chirality transfer, but also with the design of new poly(hetero)aromatic systems and supramolecular scaffolds.


The second part of our project focuses on the design and preparation of functional materials for energy and  catalysis with particularly work based on photovoltaic devices, hierarchically porous materials and a molecular approach for the preparation of nanoparticles.




Manager: Corinne Comoy (Associate Professor)


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  • Team Nancy (FST)