OMIC-Fe(II) : Outils Moléculaires pour Imager des Complexes de Fe(II) et leur métabolisation / Molecular Tools to Image Fe(II) Complexes and their Metabolization) (2021-2025)

The biological activity of numerous metal complexes is tightly correlated to their stability or reactivity in living systems. Their susceptibility to bio-transformations must be screened early during drug development to orient drug design. The OMIC-Fe(II) project aims at developing innovative photoactive tools to simultaneously track the localization of a series of Fe(II)-based drug candidates, and image their bio-transformations, to understand the intricate relationship between their in cellulo fate and bioactivity.


Research team:

L2CM :
M. BOUCHÉ (CR) principal investigator
P. C. GROS (DR) partner
S. PARANT (IE) photophysics
F. DUPIRE (IE) mass spectrometry
S. ABDELREHIM (PhD student)


S. GRANDEMANGE (Pr) partner


Partner Institution:
French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

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