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AIM+ Anticancer Iron Made

AIM+ is a multidisplinary project at the interface between chemistry and biology. The aim is to develop a novel type of DNA hypomethylating agents able to bind DNA and to chemically induce its direct demethylation. Based on preliminary results showing a decrease in the 5-methylcytosine level as well as a strong reduction of cell proliferation, our project aims to achieve the comprehension, at the molecular level, of its action mode. Our final goal is to develop an entire novel class of epigenetic drugs and harness their ability to control cell proliferation for therapeutic purposes. For this, AIM+ project will enhance, via proper chemical modifications, the demethylating activity and the selectivity of the proposed system. AIM+ is based on a multidisciplinary consortium gathering organic and organometallic synthesis (Philippe Gros), molecular modelling (Antonio Monari) and biology (Sandra Kaminski et Stéphanie Grandemange). As such it will allow an unprecedented multidisciplinary approach in the epigenetic drugs discovery that is fundamental to acquire the necessary deep level of understanding of yet not fully understood biological process.

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