Modular multivalent and multiplexed tools for dual molecular imaging (2016-2021)


Combined [18F]PET/NIRF imaging (Positron Emission Tomography/Near Infra Red Fluorescence) hold a huge potential to transform patient diagnosis and care. Such a combination conjugates the non-invasive whole-body diagnosis of PET with the intraoperative imaging-guided surgery or ex vivo histopathology of NIRF imaging. M3ODALIty will design and synthesize two innovative dual [18F]PET/NIRF imaging dyes in addressing a double chemical and radiochemical challenge. The structure will gather a cyanine derivative and fluorine-18 bound to a carbon center. Based on these dyes, original MOnoMolecular dual Imaging Tools (MOMITs) for combined TEP/NIRF imaging will be elaborated. M3ODALIty ambitions to leverage the imaging options by the use, for the first time, of a bambusuril-scaffold allowing for a multivalent or multiplexed decoration with targeting entities. A proof of concept of these innovative MOMITs will be established in a robust and well validated model of angiogenesis using c(RGDfK) and A7R peptides targeting integrins and Neuropilin-1 receptors, respectively.


Partner Organization Unit (Director) Team involved in M3ODALIty
P1a CEA CEA IMIV U1023 (I Buvat) Molecular Probes (B. Kuhnast, coordinateur, F. Caillé, S. Specklin)
P1b SCBM (F Taran) Development of new methodologies in organic synthesis (M.P. Heck)
P2 Université de Lorraine UMR7053 (P Gros) MoLSyBio (S. Lamandé-Langle, N. Pellegrini-Moïse, K. Selmeczi, M. Mourer)
P3 CRAN UMR7039 (D Wolf) Integrative Biology: Cybernetics of radiation therapies BEAM team (T. Bastogne, C. Boura)

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