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LIGN-IN – Valorisation of lignin in biorefineries: from molecular to process scales

Descriptif : This project gathers researchers working on a wide range of disciplinary fields: physicist, chemist, process and materials engineering. Our goal is to develop a novel process of lignin valorisation to produce high added-value chemicals. In biorefineries, lignin could produce aromatic compounds which are important building blocks currently produced from crude oil. Here, a novel process will be developed by using a multi-scale approach: from molecular scale with ab-initio modelling to the synthesis of new tailored catalysts and the optimisation of the most efficient catalysts in a representative process. This project is part of an important projects’ dynamic (in Lorraine and at an international level) on biomass valorisation and notably on lignin.

Porteur : Anthony DUFOUR

Participants L2CM: Nadia Canilho, Andreea Pasc

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