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Francés-Monerris, A., Magra, K., Darari, M., Cebrián, C., Beley, M., Domenichini, E., Haacke, S., Pastore, M., Assfeld, X., Gros, P. C., & Monari, A. (2018). Synthesis and Computational Study of a Pyridylcarbene Fe(II) Complex: Unexpected Effects of fac / mer Isomerism in Metal-to-Ligand Triplet Potential Energy Surfaces. Inorganic Chemistry, 57(16), 10431–10441.

Duchanois, T., Liu, L., Pastore, M., Monari, A., Cebrián, C., Trolez, Y., Darari, M., Magra, K., Francés-Monerris, A., Domenichini, E., Beley, M., Assfeld, X., Haacke, S., & Gros, P. C. (2018). NHC-Based Iron Sensitizers for DSSCs. Inorganics, 6(2), 63.

Gong, C., Valduga, J., Chateau, A., Richard, M., Pellegrini-Moïse, N., Barberi-Heyob, M., Chastagner, P., & Boura, C. (2018). Stimulation of medulloblastoma stem cells differentiation by a peptidomimetic targeting neuropilin-1. Oncotarget, 9(20), 15312–15325.

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